ECOCEA – SMET NE 71 - 29 July 2016

For the past 13 years, Girus has been assisting the SMET NE 71 district waste authority in the context of its project to develop a sorting and anaerobic digestion unit named Ecocea. It started by drawing up a strategic plan that led to the selection of this treatment route in 2003, continued in the context of assisting the Owner with the more general definition of the programme (2009), and will end with monitoring throughout the one-year defects liability period straddling 2016 and 2017.

The Ecocea site comprises:

  • A sorting, anaerobic digestion and composting unit (organic resource recovery facility), with a capacity of 70,000 tonnes of household waste and 7000 tonnes of green waste per year
  • An educational itinerary
  • The head office for the SMET NE 71 district waste authority.

This sorting, anaerobic digestion and composting unit recovers organic resources and energy (via biogas) from the household waste generated throughout the area managed by the authority.

The unit, which was built and is operated by Tiru, comprises the following elements:

  • A dual mechanical sorting line that separates an organic fraction smaller than 10 mm, ferrous and nonferrous metals and high LHV waste: pre-fermentation tubes, rotating screens, shaking screens, double ballistic separator
  • An inert waste production line
  • Anaerobic digestion of the 0-10 mm fraction in two digesters, for a total volume of nearly 3,000 m3
  • An area dedicated to green waste composting and aerobic maturation of digestate for 2 weeks in sealed tunnels with injection of hot air
  • Recovery of the biogas produced by injecting it into the GRTGaz transport network (a first in France) following treatment of the biogas using membrane technology
  • Air collection and treatment with a capacity of 140,000 Nm³/h

Construction schedule for the organic recovery unit:

  • Contract awarded to Tiru: July 2011
  • Launch of construction works in 2013
  • Works completion report: December 2014
  • Ramp-up: January to December 2015
  • Commissioning of the gas network injection process: July 2015
  • Industrial-scale operation and performance monitoring: in progress
  • Acceptance and launch of the operation phase planned for September 2016

The performance tests currently being carried out must provide a means of checking precisely that the unit meets its targets. The first results obtained shortly after the start-up are more than promising.


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