GIRUS regularly works on projects outside France. Issues related to the environment and energy are becoming major international challenges and sources of innovation. GIRUS uses these opportunities to promote its skills and expand its business.



BÉNIN DÉCOUVERTES is a French non-profit association whose objective is to:

  • raise awareness of Benin among people and organisations,
  • foster links between Benin and people or organisations who could contribute to its development,
  • and, generally speaking, to carry out actions aimed at developing cultural, educational, economic and social exchanges between France and Benin.

In this context, the association strives to help the young in underprivileged villages of Benin, always keeping respect for the environment and sustainable development in mind.

The goal is to build public primary schools, equip them locally and help them flourish, in the hope that children will complete a primary school education able to read and write.



“Cefrepade” is a French association that operates internationally, helping local players in developing countries find efficient and economically sustainable solutions to manage waste and sewage treatment.

Girus has provided financial support to Cefrepade for its first publication entitled “Life at Cité Soleil through the eyes of its inhabitants”, a collection of the best photos from the “Lavi nan Site Soley” exhibition, which was presented in July 2011 at the Institut Français in Haiti.


This publication is also a tribute to Jean-Christophe Fernandes, a young French engineer who had been living in Port-au-Prince for just over a year when he was killed in the earthquake that hit on 12 January 2010. He had been managing a research programme designed to improve waste management in suburban areas in developing countries. This project was his project…

The proceeds of sales of this publication will be donated to the “Jean-Christophe Fernandes Waste Recovery Centre” managed by the Athlétique d’Haiti foundation in Cité Soleil.