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  • Athanor household waste incineration plant in La Tronche (France)

    Implementation of WWTP sludge co-incineration including prior commissioning of a pilot unit. Adaptation and renovation of the existing installations (furnaces, boiler plant, etc.). Study of dioxin, furan and nitrogen oxide treatment.
    Client: Grenoble Alpes Métropole

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  • Dijon-Longvic WWTP (France)

    Design and construction supervision services for works to bring the Dijon urban area WWTP into compliance with standards. GIRUS is responsible for the aspects concerning sludge drying and the upgrading of the sludge incinerator fume treatment system. Tender documents in the framework of a competitive tendering and negotiated procedure; private contract. Evaluation of bids, finalisation of contract, supervision of works.
    Partner: Sogreah
    Client: Lyonnaise des Eaux

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  • Household waste incineration plant in Annecy (France)

    Assistance to the owner with works to bring the household waste incineration plant into compliance with European standards. Upgrading of the fume treatment system, sludge co-incineration by spraying, extension of the household waste pits and delivery bays.
    Client: Syndicat Intercommunal du Lac d’Annecy (SILA)

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  • Aurillac WWTP (France)

    Supervision of the rehabilitation and upgrading works on the fluidised-bed sludge incineration installations at the treatment plant. (2010)
    Audit of the fluidised-bed sludge incineration installations.
    Operation contract tendering procedures.
    Client: Communauté d’Agglomération du Bassin d’Aurillac (CABA)

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  • Villefranche-sur-Saône household waste incineration plant (France)

    Assistance to the owner with the renovation and extension of the household waste incineration plant (cost of works €26m before tax: complete renovation of site).
    Upgrading of a 4.5 t/h line in compliance with standards.
    Construction of a second 6.5 t/h line. 4,000 tonnes of sludge co-incinerated per year.
    Partners: SERL – TIRU
    Client: Syndicat Mixte du Traitement des Déchets de Villefranche-sur-Saône

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  • Aquapole WWTP in Grenoble (France)

    Assistance to the owner with co-incineration of sludge at the Aquapole WWTP and with renovation of the furnaces and boiler plant. Tender documents and evaluation of bids.
    Client: Grenoble Alpes Métropole

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  • Chedde Passy household waste incineration plant (France)

    Technical assistance – supervision of operation of a household waste incineration plant comprising: on-line tracking of major maintenance and replacement work, assistance with various contracts (supplies, services, works). Incineration of 2,000 t of sludge per year on a household waste line with a capacity of 7 t/h.
    Client: SITOM des Vallées du Mont-Blanc

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  • Hénin-Beaumont WWTP (France)

    Assistance to the owner with the setting up of a wet-air oxidation (WAO) process at Hénin-Beaumont WWTP. 1550 t DM/year.
    Client: CA Hénin-Carvin

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