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  • Development of a green way along the river Rhône (France)

    Feasibility study of development of a green way along the river Rhône to be named the “Via Rhona”. Assessment, scenarios and proposals for development, feasibility study, definition of programme, operational assistance.
    Partner: Cyclades
    Client: CC du Pays de L’ozon

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  • Tourist cycle route in the canton of Modane

    Feasibility study of the creation of a tourist cycle route along the valley bottom (approx. 10 km) in the canton of Modane. Urban and environmental assessment, development scenarios, technical and economic feasibility.
    Client: Syndicat Intercommunal du Canton de Modane 

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  • Development of the Isère riverbanks (38)

    Design and construction supervision. Development of a 4 km section, creation of a footpath and cycle track, resurfacing of roads and car parks, play areas, networks, lighting, automatic watering including a pumping station, and landscaping.
    Partner: Cyclades (landscape designer)
    Client: Ville de Bourg-de-Péage

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  • Dijon tramway (21)

    Coordination and planning assignment relating to construction of the energy sub-system (high and low currents: overhead power line, road and track signalling, public lighting, communication system).
    Client: Ineo Power – awarded the design contract

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  • Preparation of a general travel plan for Forcalquier

    Assistance to the Owner in preparing a general travel plan for Forcalquier.
    The area covered by the plan covers the town centre and adjoining neighbourhoods. It comprises two sections:
    – Circulation and parking,
    – Accessibility of roadways and public spaces.
    Discussions took into account three timescales: the short, medium and long terms.
    Partners: Cyclades
    Client: Forcalquier town council

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