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  • Town of Aramon (France)

    Consultancy services in regard to strategy for enhancing areas potentially subject to flooding between the river Rhone and the old town.
    Client: Ville d’Aramon

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  • Moulin business park, Coustellet

    Assistance to the Owner concerning the preliminary studies for the business park and public consultation process.
    Elements of the programme:
    – Coustellet is an important crossroads on the outskirts of the Lubéron region. Its fast development needs to be better organised.
    – 20 ha business park extending the existing urban fabric.
    – a project implemented in consultation with local residents.
    Client: Coustelet Chamber of Commerce

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  • Port neighbourhood, Beaucaire

    Urban planning study for the Port neighbourhood at Beaucaire.
    It was decided to extend the Port neighbourhood beside the Rhône and facing the town centre.
    In partnership with Sycomore Urbanisme, GIRUS carried out:
    – the property market study,
    – the economic market study,
    – the urban planning study.
    Partners: Sycomore Urbanisme / Ginger
    Client: Beaucaire town council

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  • Mably, Roanne urban area

    Environmental assistance to the Owner: AEU and environmental management for the creation of a business park covering about 100 ha. Assessment, guidelines and translation of urban planning documents and environmental management system. All the themes of the AEU were studied, in particular water, biodiversity/landscape and travel.
    Client: SAS Bonvert / SEDL

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  • Parilly neighbourhood, Bron

    AEU assignment for a social housing neighbourhood (about 2000 homes) in the framework of an urban renovation project (National Urban Renewal Agency agreement): environmental assessment and definition of guidelines. All the themes of the AEU were studied, in particular noise (sub-contract with Acouphen), travel and energy.
    Image: acoustic modelling of the neighbourhood.
    Partners: Acouphen
    Client: Lyon urban area council

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  • Le Pont-de-Claix (France)

    Assistance to the owner concerning the Les Iles industrial estate in Le Pont-de-Claix (30 ha). Environmental and technical assessment, development strategy, and programming of the redevelopment and infrastructure works.
    Partner: +2 Paysages
    Client: Ville de Pont-de-Claix

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  • Voiron region (France)

    Four districts in the communes of Moirans, Voreppe and Voiron.
    Application of the “Environmental Approach to Urban Planning” to four social housing districts in the framework of an urban renovation project:
    Assessment, working groups, definition of objectives, guidelines and drafting of urban planning documents.
    Client: CA du Pays Voironnais

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  • La Ciotat (France)

    Assistance with the environmental and energy aspects of the preliminary design studies for a business park (tertiary and small-scale production activities) –Athlélia V mixed development zone in La Ciotat (63 ha).
    Partners: Atelier 9 / Sogreah
    Client: CU Marseille Provence Métropole

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  • Le Pradet (France)

    Assistance to the owner with the environmental and planning aspects of a 20-hectare eco-district close to the old town centre. Definition of design and construction supervision specifications and assistance to the appointed team.
    Partner: Eco med Marseille
    Client: Ville du Pradet

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  • Genas (France)

    Sustainable building assignment concerning a 44 ha area earmarked for the G. Sud mixed development zone. Environmental assessment, action plans. Environmental specifications. Updating of the impact assessment for the implementation file and public enquiry. Assistance with operator tendering procedures, advice in relation to ISO 14001 certification.
    Partner: Urbi (et Orbi)
    Architects: AAMCO / HorsChamps
    Client: Société d’Equipement du Rhône et de Lyon – SERL (69)

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  • Town of La Machine (France)

    Former coal mining area 20 km from Nevers.
    Assistance to the owner with redevelopment of the town centre – assessment, programming and investigation of funding.
    Retail space, services, soft transport modes, accessibility.
    Client: La Machine Cœur de Forêt

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  • Canal du Puy mixed development zone in Avignon (France)

    Assistance to the owner with a 40 ha eco-district combining apartments, retail and craft activities. Definition of the development guidelines and programme in consultation with the local residents and city authorities.
    Communication in the framework of creation of the eco-district. Investigation of funding.
    Client: Citadis Aménagement et Construction

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  • Arles (France)

    Consultancy services in regard to strategy for the city of Arles sustainable development programme.
    Client: Ville d’Arles

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  • Brignoles (France)

    Assistance to the owner with the redevelopment and extension of the Nicopolis business park, one of the largest in the Var department (180 ha). Master plan, programming, consultaion.
    Partner: +2 Paysages
    Client: CC du Comté de Provence

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  • Commune of Ecully (France)

    Application of the “Environmental Approach to Urban Planning” to two study sectors: Le Tronchon and Chalin-Sauvegarde.
    Assessment, definition of objectives and guidelines in the framework of drawing up an urban development plan.
    Client: Communauté Urbaine du Grand Lyon

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  • Joly Jean eco-district, Avignon

    Assistance to the Owner with environmental / consultation aspects – leading of working groups.
    Elements of the programme:
    – 44 hectare business park between Avignon southern bypass and the River Durance, located within an existing urban fabric (social housing, private homes, agricultural land and the green belt around the city)
    – a project implemented in consultation with local residents and technical teams.
    Client: CITADIS

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