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    “EIT” (regional industrial ecology) assessment of activities in the port area:
    – Phase 1: Assessment of flows and services carried out by 40 contractors (Union Maritime de la Rochelle);
    – Phase 2: Identification, classification and sizing of potential synergies;
    – Phase 3: Summary and recommendations for deploying the synergies.
    Client: Grand Port Maritime de La Rochelle

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  • Environmental assessment of the port of Concarneau

    Definition of quality objectives and proposal of improvement actions: 
    – Stage 1: Definition of quality objectives for the following activities: yachting, fishing and ship repairs;
    – Stage 2: Definition and dimensional design of an action plan and drafting of 24 action sheets;
    Client: Finistère Department Council

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  • Raiatea careening area (Leeward Islands – French Polynesia)

    Lot 1: Definition and dimensional design study of a careening area in the commune of Raiatea:
    Baseline situation: situational analysis; pollution measurement campaign.
    Scenarios: evaluation of solutions; proposal of scenarios.
    Dimensional design: costing and dimensional design of the solution selected.
    Client: Environment Ministry of French Polynesia
    Partner: Pai Tai Pae Uta (PTPU)

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  • Grand Port maritime de la Guyane

    Environmental assessment of the GPMG’s Strategic Project: Baseline situation: general presentation of the Strategic Project; description of base-
    line environmental conditions. Scenarios: “business-as-usual” scenario and alternative solutions. Environmental assessment of the Strategic Project: report on the most likely significant effects; presentation of avoidance, mitigation and compensation measures. Monitoring and final documents: monitoring criteria and indicators; non technical summary and glossary. Client: GPM de la Guyane

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  • Port of Pointe Noire – Congo

    Port waste management plan:
    – Situational analysis: Inspection of installations, regulatory scoping and benchmarking, assessment and situational analysis.
    – Definition of management plan: organisation scenarios, dimensional design of facilities, writing of plan.
    – Definition of procedures: writing of operational procedures (International Maritime Organization), training in the procedures.
    Client: Port Autonome de Pointe Noire 
    Partner: BRL et OTRA

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  • Port of Longoni – Mayotte

    Assistance with the performance of an exhaustive joint inspection in the presence of the previous concessionaire (CCI Mayotte) and the new one (Mayotte Channel Gateway):
    Preparation of a checklist for the inspection / Participation in the joint inspection on-site / Preparatory and closing meetings. The area concerned by the public service outsourcing contract includes Longoni commercial harbour (including a cement terminal and gas terminal), the Vallée II industrial estate and Mamoudzou cruise liner dock. Client: CG de MAYOTTE
    Partner: Odyssée développement

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  • La Turballe Harbour

    Development of La Turballe harbour: feasibility and opportunity studies
    – Step 1: Definition of needs
    – Step 2: Context and constraints
    – Step 3: Proposal of developments
    – Step 4: Cost centres
    – Step 5: Feasibility
    – Step 6: Opportunity
    – Step 7: Summary of feasibility/opportunity
    – Step 8: Production of final report
    Client: Conseil Départemental de la Loire Atlantique
    Partner: Odyssée Développement

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  • Port of Calais

    Study of logistics solutions for removing waste from ship exhaust gas scrubbers at the Port of Calais:
    Step 1: Analysis of scrubber technologies
    Step 2: Analysis of the fleet concerned
    Step 3: Evaluation of the expected waste qualities and quantities
    Step 4: Definition of scenarios
    Step 5: Selection of one scenario
    Step 6: Dimensional design for the selected scenario
    Client: Port de Calais

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  • Uturoa Marinas (Leeward Islands – French Polynesia)

    Lot 2: Study concerning the treatment of grey and black water from the marinas in Uturoa:
    Assessment of the pollution and nuisance caused or suffered. Inventory of pollution abatement and treatment facilities. Evaluation of water consumption. Dimensional design of grey and black water treatment facilities required.
    Client: Environment Ministry of French Polynesia
    Partner: Pai Tai Pae Uta (PTPU)

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  • Beaucaire Marina

    Restructuring of Beaucaire Marina
    Development scheme in the framework of assistance to the Owner:
    – Development of the pleasure boat rental quay
    – Planning in regard to organisation of the Beaucaire marina area – activities, dry-stack storage area, businesses.
    Client: Ville de Beaucaire
    Partners: Sycomore Urbanisme

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  • Port of Longoni – Mayotte

    Study concerning the creation of a waste management facility at the Port of Longoni.
    – Phase 1: Preliminary studies: assessment and feasibility study,
    – Phase 2: Operational, outline and preliminary design studies of a port waste collection centre, waste disposal plan, and management plan for operational waste and ship cargo residues
    – Phase 3 (cond. tranche): Assistance: Initial project implementation, monitoring and updating of activities
    Client: CCI de Mayotte

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  • La Ciotat Harbour

    Development scheme for reorganising the calanques area in La Ciotat:
    – Environmental assessment (pollution, water management, energy, infrastructure, circulation, etc.)
    – Master plan and overall layout – planning
    – Environmental specifications for real-estate transfers
    Client: SEMIDEP
    Partner: Atelier 9

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  • Assistance to the Owner with waste management at the Grand Port Maritime de la Réunion

    Assessment and dimensional design of the facilities required. Assistance with the obtaining of statutory permits required and with the tender invitation: writing of technical sections of the tender documents; analysis of the bids received in accordance with the procedures adopted; obtaining of the Owner’s approval of the successful bidder and notification of award; finalisation of contract with the successful bidder.
    Client: GPM de La Réunion
    Partner: Eco-Stratégie

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  • Loire Atlantique Marina

    Environmental assessment (water, waste, energy) of port sites on the navigable Erdre, the Nantes-Brest Canal and the Sèvre Nantaise:
    – Assessment of pollution and nuisance generated or suffered.
    – Inventory of facilities for treating or preventing the pollution present.
    – Evaluation of drinking water and energy consumption.
    – Action programme in conjunction with the managers of these sites.
    Client: CG Loire-Atlantique

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