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  • Grenoble

    Study of autonomous solid waste and wastewater management solutions for a pilot collective housing scheme comprising 64 housing units:
    – Benchmark study of existing innovative solutions,
    – Autonomous management scenarios,
    – Dimensional design of the solutions selected,
    Client: Bouygues construction

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  • Pays de Craon

    Assessment of the potential to pool solid waste, water and energy streams between companies located in the area managed by the Pays de Craon district authority:
    – Field surveys of 30 companies,
    – Coordination of two working groups,
    – Analysis of lessons learned,
    – Definition of the potential and of action plans,
    Client: Syndicat Mixte du Pays de Craon

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  • Territoire de la Côte Ouest

    Industrial ecology approach in the area managed by the Territoire de la Côte Ouest district authority (western Reunion Island):
    – Phase 1: Assessment,
    – Phases 2 & 3: Analysis of flows in coordination with companies,
    – Phase 4: Development of synergy possibilities.
    Partner: EICOSYSTEME
    Client: Territoire de la Côte Ouest

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  • Sirdomdi

    Outlinning of the Circular Economy Waste Management Objectives Contract on behalf of the Sirdomdi (household and similar waste management authority for 5 communes in the Maine-et-Loire department)
    – Phase 1: Identification and engagement of players
    – Phase 2: Assessment of the area, assessment of the local waste prevention programme, consultation of players (seminars and round tables)
    – Phase 3: Co-determination of objectives and actions,
    Client: Sirdomdi

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    “EIT” (regional industrial ecology) assessment of activities in the port area:
    – Phase 1: Assessment of flows and services carried out by 40 contractors (Union Maritime de la Rochelle);
    – Phase 2: Identification, classification and sizing of potential synergies;
    – Phase 3: Summary and recommendations for deploying the synergies.
    Client: Grand Port Maritime de La Rochelle

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