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  • Railway crossing structure for the Orléans district heating network

    Design services concerning the route taken by the connection network conveying superheated water from the biomass cogeneration facility to the present heating plant.
    Structure crossing the Paris-Bordeaux railway line in Orléans.
    Structure length: 24 m
    Heating network: DN 250, 25 bar, 190 °C, distance of 1100 m between the existing gas-fired heating plant and the new biomass-fired cogeneration facility.
    Client: COFELY – SODC (Société Orléanaise De Chauffage)

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  • Besançon wood-fired heating plant (France)

    Design and construction supervision for the wood-fired heating plant to be installed on the district heating system of La Planoise. Capacity 6 MW, super-heated water at 20 bars.
    Client: Ville de Besançon

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  • CNG workshop in Reims (France)

    Feasibility study of the development of the maintenance shop with a view to the arrival of buses running on CNG.
    Type: More than 50 buses
    Client: Gaz de France

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  • Chauvet cave in Vallon-Pont-d’Arc (France)

    Design and construction supervision (all trades) and sustainable building aspects of a new visitor centre at the Chauvet cave.
    – Low-energy building (BBC) certification level,
    – Cooling using adiabatic processes and buried tunnels,
    – Recovery of rainwater for watering green spaces,
    – Heat pump, solar-heated domestic hot water, use of natural materials.
    Architects: Fabre & Speller, Atelier 3A
    Client: SMERGC

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  • 93rd Mountain Artillery Regiment, Varces (France)

    Complete energy audit.
    Built heritage: 45 buildings.
    – survey of building characteristics,
    – assessment of their condition,
    – survey of energy-inefficient installations,
    – analysis of consumption figures and data obtained,
    – recommendations to improve the installations,
    – potential for renewable energy.
    Client: Ministry of Defence

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  • Town of Rillieux-la-Pape (France)

    61 local council buildings.
    Type of contract: various types of energy consumption monitoring and maintenance contracts, with a full 10-year guarantee.
    Inspection of maintenance services, investments and guarantee, monitoring of consumption.
    Inspection of services provided, technical monitoring of installation, assistance to the municipality with its relations with the operator.
    Client: Town of Rillieux-la-Pape

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  • Dijon Olympic-sized swimming pool (France)

    Design and construction supervision concerning building services and equipment lots.
    Solar heating of domestic hot water, preheating of public pools, 90 m2 of evacuated-tube solar collectors.
    Photovoltaic power generation.
    Recovery of wastewater.
    Ozone water treatment.
    Architects: Japac et Aeria
    Client: CA du Grand Dijon

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  • Vaise station on the Lyon metro (France)

    Study of natural lighting for Vaise station:
    – Metro line D,
    – Multimodal hub: train, metro, bus.
    Architect: Atelier Didier Noël Petit et Associés
    Client: Syndicat mixte des transports pour le Rhône et l’agglomération lyonnaise.

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