The Company

GIRUS has been developing its engineering expertise over the past 30 years.

Thermal engineering and energy were the company’s core activities when it was created and during its initial development phase. Facilities such as aquatic leisure centres, clean rooms and hospitals were then quickly added to the company’s range of skills.

GIRUS gradually expanded its teams of engineers in response to its clients’ needs, building up a comprehensive range of engineering project design and implementation services.

The environment sector now constitutes a large proportion of the company’s business. GIRUS is a pioneer in the design of waste treatment facilities and a major player in the water treatment sector, and has become a recognised partner in the engineering industry as well as of public or private project owners in all areas of activity.

In July 2016, GIRUS became GIRUS GE, a subsidiary of the ELCIMAÏ group, gaining a solid shareholder who will provide the resources required to implement its corporate project.

Today, GIRUS GE has 140 employees and is actively expanding its network of branch offices. Its organisation and working methods have been honed by 30 years of close collaboration with companies and public authorities. Its cross-disciplinary teams focus their efforts on drawing up pertinent technical, economic and legal solutions, delivering quality project management, and meeting deadlines and budgets. 

GIRUS GE is independent of any financial group or manufacturer. Its capital is exclusively held by its management and employees. Its advice and recommendations are guided solely by the best interests of its clients. The project assistance provided by Girus engineers is underpinned by a spirit of open-mindedness and innovation, but also of rigour and experience, ensuring the best possible project outcome and complete satisfaction for its clients.

GIRUS’ services have triple QSE (Quality, Safety, Environment) certification and the company participates actively in competitive clusters and national task groups.