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  • Besançon (France)

    Assistance to the owner over a four-year period to roll out incentive charging. Contracting procedures for collection in the outskirts, containerisation, and the procurement of trucks and identification, dynamic weighing and geo-location equipment. Dimensional design of the Collection Information System. Organisation of collections in the outskirts where the service its newly outsourced.
    Client: CA du Grand Besançon

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  • Briançon

    Assistance with the selection of a household waste management method. Technical, financial and legal audit.
    Study of scenarios with the various management methods.
    Evaluation of a transfer to public management.
    Client: CC du Briançonnais 

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  • Metz

    Assistance to the Owner over a 3-year period in regard to the reorganisation of household waste collection: feasibility study of setting up a special fee; contracts for waste disposal equipment (wheeled bins, underground containers), the supply of container covers and the purchase of mobile equipment; feasibility studies of setting up underground containers and centralised collection points; evaluation of human and material resources required with the reorganised collection methods.
    Client: CA Metz Métropole

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  • Paris (France)

    Study of the possibilities for contracting out to a specialist operator the design, implementation and temporary operation of a pneumatic household waste collection system in the Batignolles mixed development zone.
    Client: Paris city council

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  • Argentan region

    The Argentan regional SITCOM provides services to 99 communes, with a population of 42,657. It is responsible for the prevention, collection, recovery and treatment of household and assimilated waste. The objectives of the assignment were the following: study to reorganise collection routes in the area, asses- sment of investment and operational costs of the new organisation, drawing up of an implementation schedule for the transition from the current organisation to the new one over a 4 year period.
    Client: SITCOM Région d’Argentan

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  • Lannion (22)

    The Lannion-Trégor area consists of 20 communes with a population of 31,000, and is responsible for the prevention and collection of assimilated household waste. Our assignment consisted of three separate aims and stages:assessment and characterisation of the current situation, study to optimise the system and compare different potential scenarios, definition of a new system of organisation and financial impacts of the chosen scenario, and designs for collection routes. Client: Lannion-Trégor urban district council

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  • Dijon (France)

    Assistance with waste management contract award (pre-collection, collection and sorting centre management) – 250,000 inhab.
    Client: CA du Grand Dijon

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  • Pezenas (France)

    Waste management optimisation study: review, assessment and evaluation of possibilities for optimisation. 46 communes representing 110,000 inhabitants in semi-rural, rural and tourist areas. Study using the “E-Coûts” software.
    Client: SICTOM de Pezenas

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  • La Plaine de l’Ain (01)

    Study to optimise waste management:
    – assessment and characterisation of the current waste management system,
    – study to reorganise collection routes,
    – preliminary study for the implementation of an incentive charging system.
    Population: 50,000
    Client : Plaine de l’Ain district council

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  • Châtellerault (France)

    Study to optimise household waste collection in the CAPC catchment area (Communauté d’agglomération du Pays Châtelleraudais) including a preliminary assessment stage with GPS monitoring.
    12 communes with a total population of 55,000.
    – Dimensional design of a transfer platform,
    – Reorganisation of collection routes.
    Client: Pays Châtelleraudais urban district council

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  • Villeurbanne (France)

    Assistance with the award of waste management contracts (pre-collection, collection and sorting centre management) – population 250,000.
    Client: Grand Dijon urban district council

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