• Nous faisons grandir vos projets

  • Buildings and Infrastructure

    Building and infrastructure engineering demands very specific techniques in which experience is invaluable, numerous players are involved and organizational processes are fundamental. Making the most of our knowledge, know-how and expertise is one of the keys to our commitment.

    This comprehensive, stimulating approach is an integral part of our quality management system, and we apply it to all of our assignments with the aim of making your projects grow.

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  • Energy

    Ever since Girus was created, the production, distribution and recovery of conventional or renewable forms of energy have underpinned its development. Beyond the first economic challenges that emerged in the eighties, efficient energy management has now become a key environmental, climate and social issue. Today, in assisting project owners, we call on a wide range of skills in varied and often complex assignments.

    Committed to working with you and fulfilling all of these requirements, GIRUS helps you make your projects grow.

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  • Waste

    From the first sewers designed by the Romans to Prefect Eugène Poubelle, who in the 19th century made it compulsory for Parisians to dispose of their refuse in special containers and hence invented the dustbin, the problems posed by waste have existed throughout the ages and are common to all societies. With the development of countless new materials and objects in the 20th century, waste management legislation has taken on many new dimensions, helping to protect people and the environment.

    GIRUS is meeting this constantly changing challenge thanks to its team of engineers and technicians who – along with you – will make your projects grow.

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  • Water

    Drinking water purification, wastewater treatment, river development, flood control, urban development schemes in which water management is a key to sustainability, the design and construction of aquatic centres… water management is central to our society.

    Here, in this area of expertise that is so essential for the human race, is where GIRUS steps in to make your projects grow.

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  • Urban and Regional Development

    How can the right balance be struck between environmental considerations, urban or regional development and the building of infrastructure? With which tools, which players, under which legal constraints? Whether you are a local authority or a company, GIRUS will guide you with your approach to environmental management.

    GIRUS helps your projects grow whilst meeting the challenge of sustainable development.

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Twenty-five years ago, we were convinced that the environment was a major challenge. Renewable energy, waste treatment and water quality are just some of the areas in which we have developed since then, with a commitment to respond to the key issues of our time.

We have built up know-how and experience that now constitute our biggest asset. Our organization, our quality approach and the commitment of our engineers to design environmentally responsible solutions are the keys to making your projects grow.


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