GIRUS joints the ELCIMAÏ Group - 29 July 2016

The difficulties encountered since 2014 had led Girus’ shareholders to look for a partner with two objectives in mind: to find a partner with complementary business lines, and to obtain resources for its development.

This was achieved on 19 July, when Girus became Girus GE, a subsidiary of the Elcimaï Group. This powerful shareholder will provide the resources required for Girus to implement its corporate project. Girus’ teams, who will keep operating in complete autonomy, will continue performing their assignments in line with current activities.

Elcimaï has a workforce of 230 and generates a turnover of €35m in the fields of building and industrial facility engineering and IT services.

The merger with Elcimaï is underpinned by exceptional complementarity and shared development ambitions. It represents a great opportunity to progress in our business lines and our organisation in order to express our potential and skills while keeping our spirits high.

I am delighted to share this information with you on behalf of our Management Team.

Bernard Fieux


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